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Rachel Dolezal has legally changed her name to an African moniker — She really must be Black now.

Dolezal made headlines back in 2015 after being outed as the white NAACP leader posing to be Black. Rachel, who began identifying as Black at age 5, won’t let go of the Black card so now she’s taken her identity to new heights.

According to The Daily Mail, the former African studies professor at Eastern Washington University has filed documents in Washington State to legally change her name to Nkechi Amare Diallo.

Nkechi is apparently Igbo that translates to “Gift of God” and Diallo, a word from the Fula people of West Africa means “bold.”

In February 2016, Rachel Nkechi gave birth to her youngest son Langston Attickus, also a strong name in Black history. The “transracial” leader intentionally named her son after poet and social activist Langston Hughes, and Crispus Attucks, a casualty of the Revolutionary War.

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