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Happy Valentines Day… including the grown woman telling little kids that she is going on a date with Jack Daniels.

and to the men saying they are stepping out with Mary Jane.

We commend your creativity this lonely Valentines Day.

But for our couples and lovers, love is in the air this February 14th and Twitter is having a field day with this new hashtag.


and you can guess what it’s about.

Couples everywhere have been sharing their stories about how they met on Twitter.

Looks like the social media platform could turn into the new “Eharmony” with all these success stories.

Single ladies, download at your own risk.

Check out these adorable Tweets of couples sharing their journeys about how they met on Twitter below.


Guess it really does go down in the DMs

Sorry, this was just funny.

*quotes Tweet and tweets* #Same


Got any wacky romance stories? We wanna know. Sound off in the comments below!

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