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Sean Kingston is making headlines this morning after allegedly getting beat up by rap trio, Migos.

According to reports, the “Bad & Boujee” group jumped Kingston while at the Sand Expo and Convention Center in Las Vegas on Tuesday. Apparently, the entire altercation stemmed from comments Sean made about group member Quavo backing out of a fight with rapper, Soulja Boy.

Sources tell TMZ that during the apparent fight, Migos went as far as to stomp and kick Sean in the head. Per the report, a member from Kingston’s team eventually pulled out a gun and fired a shot. Nobody was injured, but that man was taken into custody.

Cops were called to the scene but by the time officials arrived, both groups had fled. Sean was later pulled over by officials and questioned, but no arrest was made.

After the Internet set ablaze following the reports, Kingston took to Instagram to shut down the reports. “Look at your boy,  look like I got jumped? I look smooth as motherf*ckin ice,” he said via his personal IG stories.

But while the Jamaican artist is claiming the reports are bogus, rapper The Game is saying otherwise. In an Instagram post that has since been deleted, the rapper suggested that the fight indeed went down and he has video to prove it.

Migos has yet to respond.

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