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UPDATE: Cirque le Soir just released a statement about Mark Ingram being turned away from their popular night club. According to the venue, they are “really upset by the suggestion that there was anything malicious in our turning away of Mark Ingram and his friends.”

The statement, did however, suggest, “We particularly discourage casual dress code, intoxicated customers & male heavy entourages.”

Imagine getting all dolled or dappered up for a night on the town only to be told you can’t get into the club of your choice because you are too urban. Whelp, this nightmare of a situation became very true for New Orleans Saints star, Mark Ingram.

Mark was in London this week when he and a group of teammates made reservations for popular hotspot, Cirque le Soir. But when they arrived, despite having reservations, they were turned away at the door.

According to Mark’s recount posted on social media, they were told there were “‘6 big guys’ that are too ‘Urban’ but nobody taller than 5’11!!”

Ingram shared the story on Twitter and then posted a snapshot of the crew with the caption: “Is this what 6 big “too urban” guys look like?!”

Per the athlete, the night started with dinner at MNKY HSE before heading over to the venue. He did, however, suggest that “I’ve been enjoying incredibly diverse culture in Ashbourne learning a historic game called Shrovetide football and everyone has been amazing.”

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