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When the red carpet arrivals for Sunday night’s 2017 Academy Awards got under way, there was one major star fans were anxiously awaiting: Halle Berry.

Berry usually does not wrong when it comes to red carpet looks, so it was inevitable that the actress would make jaws drop when she stepped onto the red carpet. But when the moment emerged, oh did jaws drop.

When the night’s presenter arrived to the biggest awards show of the year, folks were instantly intrigued by Halle’s larger than life hairstyle. The beauty, clad in a gorgeous Versace gown, wore her hair in a large curls that wildly formed around the circumference of her head.

Whether it was a bad wig or her natural curls just didn’t feel like acting right, people on the Internet had enough ammunition to completely drag Berry for her hairdo.

We should at least note that we still love Halle and at the end of the day, she still is one gorgeous woman.

Here are some of the funniest memes making their rounds on social media.

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