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The guy responsible for the “Best Picture” blunder at the Academy Awards on Sunday has been revealed!

Brian Cullinan is an accountant for Pricewaterhouse Coopers, the company tasked with tallying and processing the Academy’s Oscars votes. Unfortunately, Brian is also the guy who gave Warren Beatty the duplicate “Best Actress” envelope instead of the “Best Picture” envelope which resulted in “La La Land” being announced as the winner instead of “Moonlight”. But, before he created the biggest catastrophe the Oscars has ever seen, HipHollywood caught up with him on the red carpet.

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So how could Cullinan make such a huge mistake? According to People, Brian was tweeting a pic of Emma Stone after she won “Best Actress” and was distracted when it came time to give Mr. Beatty the “Best Picture” envelope. “In the now-deleted tweet, Cullinan, shared a photo of the Best Actress winner smiling while holding her award backstage. The time stamp shows it was posted at 9:05 p.m., only minutes before the Best Picture blunder occurred,” People reports. “Brian was asked not to tweet or use social media during the show,” a source stated. “He was fine to tweet before he arrived at the red carpet but once he was under the auspices of the Oscar night job, that was to be his only focus.” Yikes!

PwC took to Twitter to issue a statement about the debacle.

So, do you think Brian should be fired?

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