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Migos. Migos. Migos…

According to Stylist Marcus Clark, the bomb video for Niykee Heaton’s, “Bad Intentions” featuring the Atlanta based group, Migos, allegedly had missing wardrobe items from the shoot.

Missing items that were worth up to $20K to be exact.

Clark says that Migos never returned the shirts that they wore for the video and even though he made several attempts to get his merchandise back, the only response he received was from Migos’ manager saying, “That’s over wit.”


remember that one time

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The items missing included:3 Enfants Riches Déprimés shirts, $18,138, and 2 pairs of vintage sunglasses (Versace and Les Copains), $700.

Clark is suing for more than the cost of the items and is suing for 1 million in damages.

Do you think Migos had “bad intentions”? Sound off in the comments and check out the video below!

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