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Khloe Kardashian has been changing lives with her new workout reality show, Body Revenge. But for those who are unable to be on the show and have top-notch celebrity trainers and nutritionists on their sides, Kardashian is using social media to give them the ultimate fitness tips.

This, however, has opened the flood gates for the critics and shamers who have a problem with, specifically, Khloe’s Snapchat workouts. And to that, the 32-year-old says, “What the f*ck.”

Using a bunny filter, the beauty addressed the haters with a message via the social media website, suggesting: “What bothers me so much about people is that I’m giving you guys my workouts on my snaps for free, so what the f**k? Why the f**k are you still complaining and saying, ‘If I had a trainer, if I had a gym.'”

She added, “Well, I don’t have a gym. We’re doing everything outside. I’m showing you guys how to do the workouts so you don’t need a trainer. I’m using everything that I’m sure you guys have around the house, or improvise! What the f**k?!”

Kardashian, who is still hot and heavy with NBA player Tristan Thompson, concluded: “If only complaining burned calories, you guys would be some healthy motherf**kers. But to all the ones who [are] the ones who appreciate my snaps, I love you and God bless.”

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