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Justin Bieber’s official new nickname is Justin Peeber!

The singer made headlines on Thursday after this super embarrassing paparazzi photo surfaced of The Biebs walking around with a huge wet stain on the front of his sweat pants.

Of course it looked like pee — and pretty sure we all secretly hoped it was, but the pop star took to Twitter to confirm the truth behind the stain. “Someone got me flowers and I was driving, made a turn, and the water spilled on my d*ck area,” he wrote.

While the real story wasn’t nearly as exciting as a possible urine spot, the 22-year-old did have fun with the jokes.

He shared a snapshot on Instagram of him side-by-side with Adam Sandler from the hit flick, Billy Madison.

Well played, Biebs.

You ain’t cool unless you pee your pants

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