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Is Beyonce Ditching Coachella?



Th entire nation simultaneously combusted with excitement after Beyonce announced that she is pregnant with twins. But the question on fans’ minds, with regard to her due date, is: “What about Coachella?”

I myself, who will be attending the first weekend of the major music festival, went through a series of scenarios about how Beyonce will follow through with her headlined performance. Maybe she will already have had the twins. Maybe she will just sit and do a Mariah Carey-esque set. And worst case scenario, she might just cancel.

According to TMZ, however, everything is still “up in the air.” Per the news outlet, the Queen Bey didn’t tell organizers that she was pregnant when she signed on to perform during one of the biggest music festivals of the year.

But a source close to Bey’s camp also tells the news outlet that the 35-year-old has every intention on performing unless she starts to have problems with her pregnancy. But let’s break this down.

When the pop star was pregnant with her now 5-year-old daughter, Blue Ivy, she was placed on bed rest for a portion of the pregnancy. Now, Bey is carrying two tiny humans, which is potential for having a high-risk pregnancy.

We can also compare size. The singer shared this image on her website of her belly over the course of her nine-month pregnancy with Blue. Based on the photo the Houston native shared on Wednesday, we’d say she’s probably around the five or six month area. But given there’s two of them, it could even be earlier.

This also means by the time Coachella hits, the singer will be full-term.

The singer’s camp has yet to confirm Bey’s plans, but my fingers are crossed.

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