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Ice Cube and Charlie Day know a thing or two about fighting. The duo go head to head  in the upcoming comedy Fist Fight. But, while we can’t tell you who wins, we can tell you who they think will win in another upcoming fight. HipHollywood sat down with them and got their two cents on the Chris Brown v. Soulja Boy bout.

“I think Chris Brown will win this one,” said Charlie Day. “I mean, we know he has experience punching.”

Yikes … we know, low blow (pun intended). Day did go on to say that he didn’t quite know who Soulja Boy was. But still he’s putting his money on Brown.

Meanwhile, Tracy Morgan, who also stars in the film, said he thinks Brown will be the victor. “He got good footwork, that’s what separated Ali; he floated like a butterfly, stung like a bee.”

“I think Chris Brown is going to beat the brakes off that boy,” added Ice Cube. “Chris Brown is athletic! Soulja Boy look like he smoke weed all day.”

Ice Cube, who infamously got into a rap beef with Eazy E and LL Cool J, commended the two for not taking their issues to the streets. “Long as it is sanctioned with gloves, I don’t mind that. Wax is fine too, but as long as you don’t take it to the streets, that’s when it gets criminal.”


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