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African gospel singer and former football player Richard Nhika is the latest person to stream their death live on social media. Nhika published video of himself drinking a pesticide last week while in an open field near Harare, Zimbabwe.

The soccer star was reportedly troubled over a split with this girlfriend. “I will always love you, Nomatter, which is why when I saw you I never insulted you or said anything bad,” he told the camera. “I have decided to die next to this tree so that everyone can see, this is real poison you can even see for yourself. I will always love you, Nomatter, and thank you for taking away my life,” he concluded before drinking the poison.

Nhika explained in an interview with Chronicle Showbiz (via Nehanda Radio) last year that he had attempted suicide once before following a breakup. “I drank some poison and luckily I was rushed to the hospital. However, the poison damaged some of my organs. A splenectomy was done as a result. I don’t understand what happened because I wanted to marry her. I was so heartbroken it took me time to recover from the whole issue,” he explained.

In 2015, he also tried to take his own life after getting into a heated exchanged with family members but was overpowered by them. As for his girlfriend, local press reports that she attends the same church as Nhika, but has not commented on his suicide.

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