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Director Gore Verbinski is pushing creepy to new limits in his latest film A Cure for Wellness. A departure from his previous action adventures – The Mexican, The Lone Ranger & Pirates of The Carribean, Cure is an emotional roller coaster through a Swiss spa. But, the treatments aren’t your typical massages and steam baths.

Instead, a Wall Street hot shot played by Dane DeHaan, gets more than he bargained for when he unassumingly tries to retrieve a colleague from a wellness center … and then the mayhem begins.

So what can fans expect? The unexpected, and lots of eels … and we’re not talking about the kind you find on your sushi. The sea creature plays a prominent role in the plot, so get ready to squirm. And if you’ve seen the trailer, one such scene involves Mia Goth taking a bath in a tub full.

Then of course there’s the series of “treatments” that DeHaan’s character undergoes that may just give you nightmares. And, a host of  zombie-like patients whose naiveté will have you screaming at the screen.

Eventually, (after 2 hours in), you’ll figure out the best thing for everyone to do is stay away from the water.

A Cure For Wellness hits theaters February 17.

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