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We all know the typical cliches when it comes to black people in horror films — they get killed first, no one listens to them, or they’re not in it at all.
But now Jordan Peele is changing all that with his race driven thriller Get Out. In fact Peele, told HipHollywood it was his goal to appease black audiences, and give them the scary movie they’ve been longing for.
“This is a movie where you are supposed to yell at the screen,” said Peele who wrote, directed and produced the film. “Black horror audience, we are a loyal movie audience. We go, we come out and there hasn’t been enough representation. Not just having black characters, and protagonist …
I wanted to make a movie where they did the smart thing.”
In the film, a black guy played by Daniel Kaluuya goes to visit his white girlfriend’s parents (played by Bradley Whitford and Catherine Keener) and finds out they aren’t as comfortable around Black people as they put on.
Kaluuya said he was excited to help Peele tell this story about the scary dynamics involved with interracial relationships. “I was like I don’t know if we can say this, but I want to help you say this.”
“Interracial dating is interesting because it’s really not fully excepted by either side ,” added Peele who is married to fellow comedian Chelsea Peretti. “Not only is race real and still here but it’s not talked about … it hasn’t been talked about in a horror movie and I felt like it was a missing piece of the conversation.”
And movie goers seem to agree … the film currently has a 100 approval rating on rotten tomatoes and has garnered a ton of buzz on social media.
So are you going to check it out this weekend? Get Out also starring Allison Williams and Rel Howery hits theaters February 24.

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