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It’s the fight that everybody wants to see: UFC champion Conor McGregor versus boxing World Champion Flody Mayweather.

After months of chatter about the two going head to head in the ring, it appears as though the ultimate fight is no longer just a twinkle of an idea.

On Tuesday night, Floyd took to Instagram to first, shut down rumors that a fight has been scheduled, but also, agree to take on the UFC fighter when the time is right.

“There seems to be several rumors floating around media recently however, let the record show, there hasn’t been any deals made in regards to a fight between myself and any other fighters,” Mayweather wrote. “I am happily retired and enjoying life at this time. If any changes are to come, be sure that I will be the first to let the world to know.”

He continued, “Although there has been several rumors circulating thru media suggesting that I will have an upcoming fight, I’d like to set that record straight and state that there has been no deals made on my behalf in regards to a bout with any fighter at this time. I am happily retired and enjoying my life! Rest assured that if any changes come about, I will be the first to let the world know!”

That’s when the boxing champion added, “Listen, Conor McGregor, if you really want to get this fight done… take care of your business with the UFC and then have your people get in touch with my people.”

McGregor has also been very vocal about the hopeful fight.

During a recent interview with GQ, a confident UFC champion suggested, “Honestly, my fist is bigger than his head. I sleep people. I put people unconscious. I’m stating facts. If I hit a man, his head is gonna go into the bleachers. You understand that?”

He added, “If I crack that little head of his, it’s gonna go clean off his shoulder and up into the bleachers.”

And if these two never take each other on, we at least would like to see a fashion showdown because both men have serious style.

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