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Azealia Banks Gets Dragged Over Skin Bleaching Soap



Azealia Banks is getting dragged on social media over her latest enterprise: selling homemade skin bleaching soaps. The singer reportedly posted information about the product on her Facebook page, writing the soap is “used for lightening complexion due to uneven tanning, scarring” and “adds health, radiance and suppleness.

Banks has admitted to bleaching her skin in the past, explaining on Twitter that career advancement played a part in the decision. “Depression. Watching white/lighter skinned women advance all while having worse music than mine is confusing,” she tweeted on April 25, 2016. “I’m tryna pass that paper bag test!!! N*ggas don’t hear you until you pass the paper bag test,” she added the following day.

As for her soap, this is the official description of the product which has since been deleted from her Facebook page:

The PINK Miss Amor Bubble Gum Beauty Bar for face – unscented 75g, used for lightening complexion due to uneven tanning, scarring, adds health , radiance and suppleness

-With collagen kojic acid and vitamin e

-Must be used with sunscreen

-Do not exfoliate with this soap. After washing / exfoliating prepare a small amount of lather in the palm of hand and massage it onto the effected area

-Let sit for 1-5minutes then rinse. Start with one minute then increase to 5. Follow up with SPF 30 or better during all hours of sunlight to protect from UVA rays . Avoid sun glare off of windows during the daytime while indoors as UVB rays may reverse progress as well. If lightening entire face be mindful to prepare a paste for the ears as well

If using near groin , buttocks or bikini line, be sure to utilize a thong to protect sensitive delicate areas

The product didn’t sit well with some folks on Black Twitter that blasted the singer over her latest enterprise.

Skin Bleaching/Whitening has been a hot topic in the Black community for years. What’s your take? Do you think Banks is wrong for hawking this product or completely inbounds?

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