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Tami Roman’s Bonnet Chronicles have become wildly popular all thanks to the reality star’s witty sense of humor and urgent delivery. So naturally, the next thing to do would be to take her frequent musings and sassy diatribe to the streets.

In a new skit, posted on Tuesday morning, the Basketball Wives star poses as an Uber driver who in the words of Roman, “ran out of fuxxxxx.” In the hilarious sketch, Roman picks up a passenger who although requested Uber Black, got stuck with “blackish.”

Despite the riders claims to be in a rush, Tami instead, takes her time and stops to get gas. Not only did she stop to get gas, but she then asked her rider to go inside and pay and pick up some snacks.

This isn’t the first time Tami has posed as an Uber driver for our entertainment. Just two weeks ago, the reality star picked up a rider and refused to put out her cigarette.

We are officially convinced Roman needs her own show.


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