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Either Pharrell was really tired from a long day of interviews, or he just wasn’t feeling Kim Burrell when we sat down with the superstar to talk about his new movie Hidden Figures. Their song “I See Victory” seemed to be on the fast track to a Oscar nomination, before all their hopes and dreams were torpedoed by Burrell’s homophobic end-of-year sermon.


We were in Toronto when Burrell and Pharrell debuted the song at an outdoor concert promoting the movie. Now, this interview took place before the sermon hit the internet, but is it us or does he sound less than enthusiastic about Burrell? What do you think?

Since the story broke, Pharrell posted on social media that he condemns hate speech of any kind and also confirmed that Burrell would not be joining him on The Ellen DeGeneres Show to perform their song.

Most importantly, Hidden Figures is about three women who overcame prejudice and sexism to change the course of history, so Kim’s comments are a direct contradiction to everything that the movie is about and represents. The inspiring story of these women and how they helped launch NASA’s space program is essential viewing and should be a part of your weekend plans. Hidden Figures hits theaters this Friday, January 6th.

Listen, we’re not trying to start anything but every time we sit down with Pharrell something seems to jump off. Need we remind you about our Despicable Me 2 interview that ended up being a part of the Blurred Lines Trial.

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