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Some could argue that Keke Palmer has been walking around LA lately looking a hot mess, but according to her, it’s all part of some master plan to, uh … encourage kids? Keke got a serious digital dragging over the weekend after she was spotted walking the streets of Los Angeles with her cheeks hanging out. Case in point:

We think that first comment may have went a bit too far, but these Twitter users weren’t the only ones questioning the wardrobe decision. That led Palmer to post a lengthy message on social media this week explaining why she’s maybe a bit more liberal with her wardrobe and behavior than folks would like:

“You have nothing to prove to anyone, but your fearlessness in turn can set others free too! That’s why I will never conform to being anything other than me. Cause the kids are watching, and they are no puppets (despite the annoying belief that we are). I’m no idol so don’t IDOLIZE me. This isn’t about you being me or me being you, this is about us being OURSELVES. If there is anything I would hope for one to take from me, is that I’m not afraid of people disliking me, because my confidence is built on ME liking MYSELF! Pray for those that attack you esp without trying to embrace you. If you would like to try and get to know what my movement is about, check out my book “I Don’t Belong To You”, out Jan. 31st 2017. Peace, Love and LIGHT.”

Ah, OK. So the behavior is actually about generating publicity to sell a book. Well played, Keke.

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