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ICYMI, Hollywood went in on President Trump and his 90-day ban on Muslims entering the U.S., during Sunday evening’s SAG Awards. From Mahershala Ali to Ashton Kutcher, many gave impassioned speeches, slamming Donnie’s new executive order, and divisive tactics.

But before the show even started, many took the opportunity on the red carpet to troll Trump and gave their two cents on the horrific place this country is now in.

“We, as Americans, need to hold our elected officials’ feet to the fire,” said Denzel Washington. “I think this is an opportunity actually, you see how people are being energized and protesting and all that, but I think this an opportunity to look at ourselves as a country and say are we together really? Because this is what’s happening, and God only knows where it’s going.”

“All bets are off, it’s on now,” said Courtney B. Vance, who encouraged his fellow actors to speak out. “We didn’t do the work … stop sitting on the sidelines acting like you’re so free you don’t have to vote.”

Others like Mykelti Williamson and Peter Mackenzie roasted Trump. Check it out above.

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