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Want to shed some real tears? Kerry Washington has you covered.

The Scandal star is always so well put together, classy and speaks like an angel sent from God — always so fluid, articulate and eloquent. But during a recent episode on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, those sweet qualities all went out the window.

Leave it to Ellen DeGeneres to put stars in an incredibly awkward yet hilarious position, which is why her latest segment “Speak Out” is brilliant.

Washington became Ellen’s latest victim and let’s just say, the mother of two’s attempt to speak with a plastic contraption in her mouth (the segment’s concept) was EVERYTHING — in a very uncomfortable and endearing kind of way.

At one point while trying to say “who put a pickle in my pie,” the beauty started to drool. Seriously … this happened. We have to say Washington was a trooper and had fun with it — so props to her.

Scandal, by the way, returns January 19 on ABC.

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