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Kim Kardashian is all smiles as she relishes in the slew of “welcome back to social media” comments by her millions of fans.

The universe unanimously paused on Tuesday afternoon when Kardashian made her triumphant return to Instagram and Twitter. What was her first post since her Paris robbery in October, Kim shared a snapshot of her husband, Kanye West and two children, Saint, 1 and North, 3.


There was a good possibility it was a fluke and Kim was maybe just posting one image before going into hiding again. But nope, the mother of two proved us wrong when she continued her posting streak on Twitter.

Not only did the 36-year-old send heart emojis and smiley faces to fans praising her for jumping back on board the social train, but she also agreed to make an image of North into an emoji. “Done,” she tweeted, when one fan asked to turn the sweet pic into an emoticon.


Kim took a long hiatus from social media after being bound, gagged and robbed of nearly $10 million inside her Paris home during Paris Fashion Week in October 2016.

After the terrifying incident, Kardashian took a break from her fast-paced life and reportedly planned to be more discreet while on various social platforms.

So what changed between October and the top of 2017? The likelihood that A. she was bored, B. needed the bank roll coming back in, or C. sincerely wanted to interact with her fans again.

We hope it’s the latter.

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