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Kenya Moore stopped by Andy Cohen’s Watch What Happens Live on Tuesday night and revealed she owns multiple guns!

The reality star made headlines over the weekend after admitting on Instagram to pulling a gun on trespassers who hopped her fence and knocked on the door of Moore Manor. “If you come over here, you are going to get a motherf–king cap in your a– … I will shoot and I will ask questions later,” she said in a video.

And don’t think The Real Housewives of Atlanta star was just fronting for the ‘gram … she was dead serious.

“Listen, if some crazy MFs have the nerve — I have a gated property,” Moore told Andy. “They went around my gate, they went and trespassed — they did so many things that were asking for not only to be shot, but an ass whoopin’. They’re just lucky they didn’t get both.”

The reality star, who also posted images of the three trespassers from her security cameras not the social media website, further admitted during her appearance eon the hit Bravo show that she owns FOUR guns — And yes, the 45-year-old and licensed gun owner has put them to use.

“I go to the gun range and I shoot really tight clusters,” she said.

“When you come to my property, I have the right to defend myself,” she said. “What if I had children? I’m protecting myself.”

During the show, Cohen took a poll to see if Kenya was overreacting or she was in the right. By a large margin, fans thought Moore was right for defending herself.


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