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Who says girls can’t fight? Jamie Foxx learned that lesson the hard way on set filming his new action flick Sleepless alongside Michelle Monaghan.

The duo, who worked together previously in 2010’s Due Date, had to get pretty physical this time around, and Foxx admitted Monaghan actually got the best of him, chipping his tooth, during one fight scene.

“I was on skates for a minute,” joked Foxx. “I had to get my manhood together.”

“I was a little too quick on the draw,” explained Monaghan, who plays a detective tailing Foxx in the film. “I connected with those teeth and I chipped them.”

Thankfully for Foxx, who plays a cop on the hunt for his kidnapped son, one of his best friends happens to be a dentist and fixed his teeth that evening.

“Twelve hours later, the very next day,” added Monaghan, “I was feeling a little cheapish, and I tried to sneak a peek at his mug and, basically, they were perfect.”

Sleepless, which also stars T.I. and Gabrielle Union, hits theaters January 13.

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