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It seems kids these days don’t really appreciate all the hard work and sacrifices that those who came before them had to endure … especially when it comes to these little rap newcomers. But don’t fret, Jermaine Dupri is focused on making sure the future of rap respects the past.

With his show The Rap Game, JD aims to educate the youngins about the legends who laid the foundation for hip-hop. When the super-producer stopped by for #HHConvos, he revealed that no matter how many seasons it takes, he’s gonna get the job done. “People ask me ‘how long is The Rap Game’ gone last; [I say] as long as it needs to last because it’s an education for [the next generation]. This time around, Dupri has welcomed Flau’Jae, Nova, Deetranada and King Roscoe to the house to not only learn hip-hop history, but to be groomed for the future of rap. Oh, but there’s a surprise … Tally returns.

The 17-year-old raptress blew her shot on The Rap Game last season by flubbing her lines. But, although her elimination came early in Season 2, she’s back for Season 3 and she’s definitely ready to take the crown. “I just wanted to see if Tally was as bad as I thought she was or as good as I thought she was,” JD told HipHollywood.

And while JD is focused on his crop of talented teens, when he sat down with HH he also took some time to reflect on the good ol’ days of hip-hop in HOTlanta and how things have changed. Check out the interview below.

Check out the Season 3 premiere of The Rap Game on Lifetime, today (Friday), January 13th at 10/9c.

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