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Keri Hilson made her Lifetime debut on Saturday night in the star-studded rom-com, Love By The 10th Date. And while the beauty has proven to have the acting chops down pat, we are still anxiously awaiting some fresh music from the Atlanta native.

But while we all anticipate Hilson dropping something we can pretty girl rock to, we might have to wait a bit longer. “I’ve really just been enjoying the actress life right now,” Hilson told us exclusively at the Los Angeles premiere of Love By The 10th Date. “I feel like a student. It’s fresh and new for me.”

She added, “It’s still art, it’s still a form of expression, yes, I’m still a song writer. I will never stop creating. I was put on this earth to create.”

Hilson’s musical career seemed to have taken a turn after the release of her track, “The Way You F*ck Me.” Following the release of the 2010 track and then the video, folks criticized the singer for the explicit lyrics and provocative images. After all, she was singing about having “the kinda pu&&y that’ll keep you out the streets.”

Despite having not released a full single project since the 2010 LP No Boys Allowed, Hilson is adamant that she is still putting in some work. “Whether I release music myself I got so much work over these past few years. I’ve down so many songs and projects.”

Wilson concluded with these very words: “Stay tuned.”

So, we have hope …

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