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Chrisette Michele’s Message To Her Haters



Chrisette Michele is looking to make amends with the Black community after performing for Donald Trump at his inauguration … or if not make amends at least explain her actions. The singer was rebuked, ridiculed and reprimanded for aligning with a noted sexist, xenophobe and racist for his inauguration.

Folks on social media painted Chrisette as a sell-out, Uncle Tom and/or house negro. QuestLove offered to pay her not to perform at the event, and Spike Lee warned that he would never use her music again in any of his films if she went through with the performance. While initially silent, Michele is finally responding to her detractors through spoken word in a poem titled, “No Political Genius.” You can read an excerpt below:

I am the black song that Spike Lee won’t sing
I am the black voice inauguration bells ring
I am the black sheep disguising the scared wolf
No I am the black elephant in the red room, scared shook

White House invites me, you can call me their coon
I am the butterfly growing from slavery’s cocoon
I carry the mantle with God as my goon
He provides the life support, I’m dying singing his tune

You can listen to “No Political Genius” in its entirety below.

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