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We’ve all been desperate for gas money, right? Whether you left your ATM card at home or you simply just didn’t have enough money to put gas in your tank, begging someone for a little assistance happens to the best of us … even celebrities like Will Smith.

The actor stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Monday night to promote his new film, Collateral Beauty, but at one point, also admitted that he once asked a fan for gas money because he left his wallet at home. Yikes.

“It was about three weeks ago, I was driving and I realized I was on E,” he said. “I was about 30 minutes from my house, so I pulled into the gas station and I didn’t have my wallet.”

According to the father of two, he considered having his wife Jada Pinkett drive his wallet to him, but after realizing it would take too much time, he decided to swallow his pride and ask a fan. “I looked over on the other side and he was like 36 years old. I was like, ‘That dude’s a Fresh Prince fan,'” Smith continued. “You can spot them.”

Will approached the fan and after, of course, taking a selfie with the guy, the man gave Will a cool $10 bucks and was thrilled to do so.

Per the 48-year-old, he offered to send the fan his ten bucks back, but he told the actor, “Dude, no way, that’s yours.”

During Will’s appearance, he also opened up about the anticipated Bad Boys 3 film that has yet to start production. “It’s very close,” Smith said when asked if they were going to start filming in March, as previously suggested by Bad Boys co-star, Martin Lawrence.

We are still holding our breath.

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