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Tiny & T.I. Blast New Breakup Rumors + How Couple Is Handling Floyd Mayweather Chatter



The Harris’ have had quite a week.

When it comes to Hollywood couples who live their lives through the lenses of television cameras and even social media, rumors are bound to rise. So how do most stars handle continuous gossip? By simply shutting it down.

Tameka Harris and T.I. were recently forced to silence multiple reports, including whether or not they were calling it quits. Here’s how it all started.

Last month, a video hit the Web of Tiny dancing with boxing champion (and T.I.’s nemesis) Floyd Mayweather at Mariah Carey’s Halloween party. The video appeared to be seemingly friendly; however, folks on social media started so speculate that T.I. was livid over the dance and that he wanted to call it quits.

If you recall, T.I. and Floyd got into an altercation last year also over the former Xscape singer.

After days of ongoing chatter, fans were shocked to see a defensive post shared by what many thought was Tiny. “For years I’ve been the one getting hurt, but now that a lil video done surfaced with me having a friendly dance, he’s mad?? Why,” the post read.

“Yes, he’s my husband but damn can I not have a male friend?! Tip can’t be the only male friend I associate myself with just like I know I ain’t the only Female he associate hisself with.”


The message quickly picked up steam around social media, but it turns out, the essay was completely fabricated. Tiny took to Twitter Monday and suggested she did not post the now-viral message.

“Hey guys that facebook page is not my is fake. Not sure how they got verified but we are dealing with it now to be taking down,” the reality star tweeted.


T.I. also commented on all the gossip, writing on Twitter: “I hate when people assume sh*t because of something they’ve seen on social media. If you want to know ask, that way when you find out the truth you won’t look/feel like an a$$.”


While the pair, who welcomed a baby girl earlier this year, seem to be handling the social media shenanigans with dignity and class, we still wonder: Is T.I. upset over Tiny and Mayweather’s dance?

We also draw this question: Was Tameka out of bounds? After all, her husband and Floyd aren’t exactly besties.

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