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And so, the Mary J. Blige and Martin ‘Kendu’ Issacs divorce saga continues.

After the two called it quits on their 12-year marriage in July, things just haven’t been the same. According to court docs from Mary, Kendu is holding on to some of Blige’s possessions … including a Grammy. Kendu has also taken hostage a Range Rover, two Mercedes-Benzes, and some other achievement awards of the R&B Queen.

Typical way to drag the breakup out … you can’t fool us, Martin!



On top of that, the former manager/husband is also asking Mary to pay him monthly spousal support to help him maintain his lavish lifestyle that he has become so accustomed to. We’re talkin’ $8,000 for his private chef, $3,200 for his personal trainer, $5,000 for his parents and $100,000 for his legal costs.

Meanwhile… somewhere in America a college student is struggling to pay for their textbooks.

But we digress…

Although the two did sign a prenup, Kendu believes that it is now invalid for reasons that probably only make sense to him.

Sorry, Martin, but you’ve got to get it together.

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