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First Kim Kardashian, then Amber Rose, followed by Blac Chyna and now, jumping on board the emoji craze, reggae legend Ziggy Marley.

On Thursday morning, Marley officially released a reggae-themed emoji line titled Zigg Emojis.

The artist partnered up with EmojiFame to develop “two series of the popular communication icons inspired by and reflective of the reggae culture and lifestyle, as well as Ziggy’s own particular interests.” 

The singer said in a statement, “Emojis offer a way to communicate without words. I am very blessed to introduce my own way of expression which I have personally created along with Emoji Fame. I know everyone will enjoy using these emojis as much as I will. One love.”

The exciting new line includes a series of “symbolic nods to Jamaica, soccer and music.” Our guess is that the line also includes some images of ganja as well.

“While working on these emojis, we strove to harness the infectious positivity that Ziggy Marley brings to the world via his music,” Gavin Rhodes, co-founder of Emoji Fame said. “Fans can now share that energy in emoji form with Ziggy’s Rasta Mojis.”


This is just one of several projects the star has recently launched. Back in October, Marley released his Ziggy Marley and Family Cookbook: Delicious Meals Made With Whole, Organic Ingredients from the Marley Kitchen. 

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