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Joe McKnight’s Killer Finally Arrested!



There may be justice for Joe McKnight after all.

Ronald Gasser, the man who admittedly shot and killed McKnight following an alleged road rage incident, has been arrested for manslaughter and is currently being held without bond. This is a tragic turn of events for the 54-year-old who was initially released with no charges after being questioned by the police immediately following the shooting.

According to TMZ, Gasser was interviewed for 10 hours and more than 160 witnesses came forward in the case. Ronald claims he feared for his life and that’s why he shot McKnight, a former NFL player. But, Sheriff Newell Normand stated, “Suffice it to say that, obviously, a lot of the independent witnesses have provided information that doesn’t completely square up with Mr. Gasser’s statement.”

It remains to be seen if Gasser’s arrest will result in a conviction … but we know how these cases typically go.

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