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Nick Cannon and comedian Dane Cook got into a social media feud earlier this week after Dane decided to criticize Cannon for his new Turban style. But for Cannon, Dane’s remarks came down to what Nick is now calling a lack of “understanding.”

Just hours before the 36-year-old hit the stage to perform his Standup Don’t Shoot Comedy Special in Los Angels on Friday night, the comedian stopped to chat with HipHollywood about this week’s Instagram war that made headlines around the world.

“Some people, they speak ignorantly before they understand the whole idea,” Cannon told us exclusively. “Sometimes people just want to say things just to say things because they feel like they have something to say; which I encourage, say what you gonna say, just be able to back it up.”

Cook blasted the rapper on the social media website after photos surfaced of Mariah Carey’s ex-husband sporting a pink head wrap while sitting front row at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show.


According to Dane, the father of two’s outfit paired with a matching pink tie was reminiscent of “Zoltan.” The comedian further suggested the look was so horrific, it made him want to “quit Instagram.”

But it looks like the 44-year-old just might have to say goodbye to IG because Nick’s turban swag isn’t going anywhere. “Ultimately … it’s all about sovereignty,” Nick told us when asked about the headpiece.

He explained, “It’s all about being the original man and understanding who you are and your ancestry and understanding that power and that royalty within us. Whether it’s sikhism, whether it’s a moorish mentality, it comes from a place where we feel like this is how we got to represent ourselves.”

“As we recondition our communities and the mindset in our communities, we all don’t have to be thugs and savages, especially when we come from being kings and royalty,” the father of two said. “Same way nobody has a problem with me wearing bandanas and hats to the back, we can do the same thing when we wearing our crowns.”

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