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We’ve all been guilty of a good ol’ post and delete, sliding into someone’s direct message or liking every single snapshot our crush posts on Instagram. But for Chris Brown, the singer has a few pet peeves when it comes to the social media website and he’s letting it all out in his new track, “Post & Delete.”

On Wednesday morning, Breezy shared a snippet of the not-yet-released track on Instagram, where he raps: “I had to block your account and unfollow your a$$ / B*tch you the worst / And if you try to tag me / Imma start spazzing.”

It’s unclear if Brown is speaking of someone specifically, but the singer is definitely no stranger to Instagram feuds and shenanigans.

Over the past two years, the star has gotten into more than a handful of social media fights with the mother of his daughter, Nia Guzman. Guzman and Chris have gone head to head on the social media platform, leading to what Chris calls in his track “spazzing.”


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Recently, the pair has been going through an emotional and very pubic custody battle over their 3-year-old daughter, Royalty, much of which was aired on social media.

In May 2016, after TMZ reported that Brown scored a custom “victory,” Nia suggested “there is no big victory when it comes to children.”

She wrote on IG, “All that was asked is to set a NANNY in place. IN WHICH WE BOTH WOULD of agreed upon.” She also insinuated that someone close to the situation suggested, “mother to mother,” that she needed “monitors and drug testing.”

Nia’s tirade also comes months after Brown repeatedly accused the Texas model of using their daughter as a “meal ticket.”

Needless to say, Brown has had his fair share of Instagram issues — which might be the inspiration behind his new track.


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