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Baby Luna’s First Meet & Greet With Santa Clause



Kids don’t usually remember their first time meeting Santa Clause — As a matter of fact, most children are simply reminded of their first visit with Santa by way of Polaroids or VHS videos that their parents take out every Christmas, which also includes either a snotty nose or a blurred body because of an epic meltdown.

But for kids nowadays, that greeting with Santa is instantly captured, backed into the cloud and shared on different social media platforms where it goes on to live forever and ever. Basically, it’s on full display for the world to see, so there’s no escaping reliving that first time with Santa.

For Baby Luna, her inaugural Santa visit wasn’t just for her family’s eyes, but rather for the fans of Chrissy Teigen and John Legend who were thrilled about the adorable image their daughter took.

In the snapshot shared on Teigen’s Twitter, Luna, clad in a red dress, gives the cutest face while a jolly Santa smiles from ear to ear. “My heart!! @Macys has the sweetest Santa ever,” Chrissy tweeted.


The hilarious model also had some fun and jumped in for a quick photo with Old Saint Nick. But because her hubby was in Paris, the mother of one Photoshopped John’s body in to complete the photo.

She wrote, “When your husband is in Paris but you gotta get your Santa on.”


She also shared a candid moment of the 8-month-old touching Santa’s glasses. “I love the holidays,” the Sports Illustrated model wrote on Instagram.


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