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Watch Students Chant “White Power” At Pennsylvania High School



A group of White students at York Tech High School in Pennsylvania celebrated Donald Trump’s win on election night by returning to school the following day with a “Trump” poster and chants of “White power!” You can check out a short video of Trump’s New America below.

According to reports, those students have been suspended. York Mayor Kim Bracey also went to the school Thursday to discuss the situation. “While we all know people harbor their true feelings until they believe it is okay to act out, it appears that yesterday’s incident was isolated and the school is doing all they can to regain a sense of normalcy,” she said in a prepared statement. “I beg of the school personnel to keep the conversation and positive events that highlight our differences going.”

Students at the school say this sort of behavior had been going on long before Trump’s election night victory. “They have been calling me Mexican saying I need to get sent over the border, they whistle at me and my friends like we’re dogs, they call us ‘Papi,'” Eibreha Drayden, a student at York Tech, said.

Welcome to America.

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