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Apparently folks in North Carolina don’t play about overdue library books, because they just threw Tika Sumpter’s momma in the slammer.  Yes, you read that right. According to Sumpter, her mother, Janice Acquista, was arrested and taken into custody in Johnston County, N.C., on Monday over a $10 late fee for a library book!

The Haves & The Have Nots star sounded off on Twitter about the ordeal, and of course she was PISSED! “Make sure you turn in your library books North Carolina!” the 36-year-old actress tweeted. “My mom was just arrested for having a late fee of 10 dollars on an overdue book!”

Apparently in North Carolina there is a law that says you can be arrested for overdue books from the library. In fact, North Carolina isn’t the only state with this type of law. Texas, Michigan and Wisconsin reportedly have similar laws.

Sumpter, however, did not agree. “An overdue book should NEVER result in a warrant. This is a legal scam,” she continued.

Fans started tweeting the Southside With You actress in utter shock and disbelief. “Yup treated like a criminal for a late fee of 10 dollars for over due books from the library. Libraries now put out warrants. #Ncgov”

And if that wasn’t enough, her mother actually turned the book in a while back, but someone never put it in the system. Luckily, her mom was released unharmed.

She tweeted, “She’s out now. Every cop at the jail thought it was absolutely ridiculous. They couldn’t even believe it. Smh #ncgov”


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