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Black comedy hasn’t necessarily gone anywhere, but it did disappear from HBO, and now Russell Simmons and Tony Rock are bringing it back!

During its heyday, Def Comedy Jam was insanely popular and inspired several wanna-be shows that oversaturated the market — so says Rock. And because of that trend, comedy took a little tumble for a few years, but now it’s time to bring it back. “It had to die, so that this could grow,” Rock¬†contends.

That sentiment right there is the reason Simmons decided to reboot his comedy show and bring All Def Comedy to HBO. He also tapped Tony to host, even though he’s a tough act to follow. “I don’t go too hard, but I don’t go too soft either … I keep the room engaged,” Rock says.

And speaking of engaged, Rock reveals that this crop of comedians will blow you away. Unfortunately, it’s hard for talented entertainers to get the shine they deserve because “the suits,” as Tony calls them, don’t know what they are doing. “The problem is that the people that are in charge of funny, aren’t funny. So they’ll just go, ‘oh, this is the guy we’re going to shove down every bodies throat for the next five years, we’re going to force-feed you this guy?'” Luckily, All Def Comedy remedies this in a major way.

The All Def Comedy special will air on HBO, November 12th at 10pm.

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