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Stars React To Tragic Colombia Plane Crash Carrying Brazilian Soccer Team



75 people were killed late Monday night after a plane carrying The Chapecoense soccer team crashed just before landing in the Colombian city of Medellín.

According to officials,  72 passengers and nine crew members were on board the flight which started in São Paulo, Brazil. The team, club staff and the group of journalists on board the plane were heading to the Chapecoense’s Copa Sudamericana finals, where the team would have played against Atlético Nacional.

According to José Maria Córdova, a representative from the airport in Medellín, the crash was due to electrical failures. In a newly released statement, Cordova also confirmed that only six people survived.

One of the survivors included defender Alan Ruschel, who Instagrammed a snapshot alongside his teammate Danilo Padilha before the crash. Padilha, unfortunately, did not make it.

Alan, who also shared a video on Snapchat before the crash, is said to be in stable condition. The athlete is being treated for a fractured spine.


On Tuesday morning, Brazil called for three days of mourning following the tragic crash. Meanwhile, stars and athletes are sharing their reactions on social media.

Brazilian supermodel Gisele Bundchen tweeted that her “heart and prayers for all the families involved in today’s tragedy.”


Soccer star stud Neymar simply tweeted a praying hands emoji.


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