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Stacey Dash has managed to infuriate yet another large population of the world … and by large population we mean the Beyhive.

The Fox News contributor started a nasty feud with Beyonce’s mother, Tina Lawson, over the weekend and Beyonce fans are livid. Here’s how it all went down.

For Halloween, Destiny’s Child singer Kelly Rowland dressed up as Dash’s famous character from the 90’s classic, Clueless. Lawson shared a photo on Instagram alongside a dressed up Rowland and suggested Kelly was “prettier” and “more smart” than the real character.

(In case you’ve been living under a rock and never saw the movie, Dash’s character Dionne isn’t the brightest bulb in the tanning bed).


Dash got wind of Lawson’s comment and seemingly took the remark personal. She fired back in a blog post, writing: “First of all, if you’re trying to throw shade about someone’s intelligence, maybe use ‘smarter’ instead of ‘more smart.'”

She added, “Here’s the thing — Kelly Rowland is a beautiful girl and I love the costume!  Imitation is the best form of flattery.”

After Dash addressed the controversial remark on her blog, Tina edited her IG caption and claimed that she had no intention on throwing shade: “This is my baby as Dione last night, but I was confused cause she kept saying something about her pager lord no shade intended!!!! It was a character in a movie!!!!”

Beyonce fans, meanwhile, had no problem throwing shade back at Dash. One commenter wrote: “Lol, people are so petty. one thing about it, a hit dog will bark!! @staceydash, you should check your comprehension skills before you try to insult someone’s grammar.”

Someone else wrote: “See I didn’t even think it was a diss to Stacey Dash…BUT since she brought it up….I will say that Stacy is clueless because she was referring to a character…Stacey RESPECT YOUR ELDERS.”

Another social media user stated: “Definitely Kelley is smarter and way more intellectual than the fake Dionne and the real Stacey dash!”

In a last-ditch effort to blast the family, Dash went after Beyonce’s husband Jay Z, who performed at a concert to support Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

Dash, a Fox News contributor who supports Trump, shared an article with “5 offensive and lewd lyrics Jay-Z sang before endorsing Hillary Clinton.”

We should also note that Dash is currently capitalizing off of her famous role — the title of the actress’ new book is a line straight from the movie: “There Goes My Social Life.”


What do you think? Was Lawson throwing shade? Or is Dash being too sensitive?

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