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Shirley Caesar is a 78-year-old gospel singer who may very well end up at the top of the hip hop chart next week. Why, you ask? Because she got “beans, greens, potatoes, tomatoes, lambs, rams, hogs, dogs, chicken, turkey, rabbits, you name it!”

Unless you live on Mars, you know that Ms. Caesar’s “Hold My Mule” message has gone viral with hundreds of remixes popping up on social media with the “UNameItChallenge” hashtag. It’s so popular that one of Mama Shirley’s church members showed her the video — and she loved it!

The gospel legend called into The Willie Moore Jr. Show and explained why she was so “shocked” to see that she was trending. She also gave a little live version of “Hold My Mule.” Shirley still got it, y’all!

The original “Hold My Mule” sermon by Shirley Caesar (skip to the 5:30 mark if you’re a heathen and don’t want to listen to the whole message lol).

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