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Has Common really moved on from Regina Hall to get back with his ex, Serena Williams, or is this just a distraction to keep us in the dark?

Just a couple of weeks ago, news broke that the rapper and Hall had been hot and heavy for over a year. Soon after everyone got wind of their relationship, Common tried to deny the whole thing saying he was “single” and that the two never dated. Sure, whatever you say, Common.

Now, Lonnie Lynn, the rapper’s real name, has taken things one step further and was spotted with Williams just a couple of days ago. While Serena and her sister Venus were in their hometown of Compton opening the Yetunde Price Resource Center, Common was caught chatting with his ex in a back room. The two didn’t take pictures together, but both were snapped separately with Compton’s mayor, Aja Brown.

Apparently, this isn’t the first time they been out together recently. They were also spotted together taking in a late-night dinner at the Chinese restaurant RedFarm on the Upper West Side in NYC earlier this month.

The two previously dated in 2010, but broke up after a year. So, you make the call: Is Common with Regina, Serena or just single?

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