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Well, this is a different side of Omarosa. The usually poker-faced former reality TV star broke down in tears during a recent interview while discussing the friends who have turned into foes over her support of Donald Trump.

During The Donald’s campaign run, ‘Rosa became his Director of African-American Outreach at the RNC and remains one of his senior advisors, a position she is immensely proud of. But when the former Apprentice star sat down with 20/20, she was visibly emotional over the ruined relationships between several friends, family members and even a bridesmaid that didn’t appreciate her backing Trump.

That interview was a far cry from the Omarosa we spoke to at the Soul Train Awards last week. Then, Ms. O was strong, damn near defiant, in her position of supporting the newly minted President-elect. “I could care very less, little about what people think about me,” she told HipHollywood, “I’m never going to be enslaved by what people think about me.”

Hmmm, it looks like she may care a little about what people think of her controversial decision to back Donald. Do you think it was worth it?

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