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Beyonce is undoubtedly one of the most iconic pop stars currently walking the planet today. In fact, the singer’s level of celebrity is beyond any level of understanding.

We see it every single day, people bowing down before the star or crying when she steps on stage. But while millions of fans praise the mother of one for all her Beyonce-ness, we have to give credit to her brilliant marketing team.

Whether it’s the subliminal messages behind albums such as Lemonade, or the branding of her athletic line Ivy Park, Bey’s team is on point. And today, it’s being proven yet again.

The pop star, or rather her team, has released a line of holiday themed merchandise that goes hand-in-hand with her LP, Lemonade.

Some of the items include $16 wrapping paper with popular images from her “Formation” and “Hold Up” videos, a pair of undies with the words “Boy Bye” plastered across the bum, a tank top with the words “I ain’t sorry” written across it and baseball caps with other famous photos from the singer’s HBO special, Lemonade. 


But our favorite of all — the $60 “I sleigh all day” sweatsuit!


It goes without saying, without her marketing team, Beyonce would not be … Beyonce. Oh, and we also probably wouldn’t have new swag to rock this Christmas.

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