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We’ve all been there … humming a tune or belting out our favorite ballads while doing tedious things around the house, while driving, or even while sitting at our desks. But imagine if someone recorded you and then, all of a sudden, you become an overnight sensation?

This happened for one grocery store clerk who sang a Maxwell classic while at work, and now … the Internet can’t get enough of him.

Lucas Holliday, a cashier at the Dollar General in Lansing, Michigan, is making jaws drop all around the world after he was recorded singing “Ascension” while scanning groceries.

A regular shopper at the store captured Holliday, clad in a grey sweatshirt, singing with her cell phone and now, his life might be changed forever.

Maxwell saw the clip and was so impressed that he invited the singer to his show in Detroit on Friday. He revealed the big news during Monday’s episode of Good Morning America. “I couldn’t ruin his surprise on the show I taped the invitation last night for … good things can happen,” the singer wrote on Twitter.


The singer then added on Twitter that the store clerk was “doing more for me than he even realizes and much love to for changing and creating opportunities for everyone who has a dream.”


For Lucas, his dreams definitely came true and it looks like folks are anxious for the clerk to make it to the big leagues. “Motown betta get this white chocolate sensation,” one YouTube user wrote.

Another wrote, “Please tell me your gonna try out for the voice, American got talent, something cause talent like that needs to be shared with the world.”

When you listen to Holliday sing, chills will run through your body. Seriously. And what makes the video that much more impressive, is the cashier is singing while telling a shopper the total of her groceries. Talk about multitasking skills.

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