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Floyd Mayweather Trolls Folks Mad That He Danced With Tiny



Floyd Mayweather is unbothered by those giving him grief for dancing with his nemesis’ wife. Floyd and rapper T.I. have had a rocky relationship, and that reached new levels after video surfaced of T.I.’s wife, Tiny, dancing with the boxer at Mariah Carey’s Halloween party. After TheShadeRoom posted video of the tango, another outlet claimed the ATL rapper is so outraged that he plans on divorcing Tiny over the sleight.

The following image was taken at that Halloween party: floydmariah

The picture and video led folks to take shots at Floyd for dancing with his rival’s wife, but Mayweather responded to those people on Instagram, saying they need to focus on their own legacy — not that of another man.

T.I. and Floyd’s strained relationship dates back to 2014 when the rapper¬†was reportedly furious with the boxing legend for hanging out with Tiny. That led to a confrontation inside a Las Vegas Fatburger where Mayweather is recorded yelling, “Control yo b*tch, m*therf*cker!” at the ATL native before a brawl erupts.

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