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So, The Donald won and now we all must deal. And while that may be a bit easier for some folks, comedian Tony Rock says he’s a little fearful of what the future could hold under the Trump presidency.

Rock stopped by the HipHollywood Loft to chat about his upcoming HBO All Def Comedy special, but the conversation quickly turned to the shocking news of Donald Trump’s defeat over Hillary Clinton. “He’s kinda smart because he’s reaching out to a core people that are going to get him into the White House,” Tony admitted. But, it’s that core group that also makes him uncertain of what’s to come. “That’s the thing that makes me a little fearful,” Rock revealed, “I don’t know how cops are going to feel now, I don’t know how judges are going to feel now … and I don’t know how Black people are going to feel now. Black people might feel like now we got to amp it up too because they’re coming after us.”

See more of our exclusive interview with Tony Rock on HipHollywood Friday, and catch his All Def Comedy special when it airs on HBO, Saturday, November 12th at 10 p.m.

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