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Election day is almost here, and honestly, it couldn’t have come soon enough. It’s safe to say most of us have election fatigue, and even frustration, as the candidates, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, battle it out for the highest office in the land. But, for Trump Senior Advisor, Omarosa, the effects of her Donald support my last long after the election is over.

Omarosa has taken a lot of flack for supporting the Republican presidential nominee, but that doesn’t seem to concern her one bit. “I could care very less, little about what people think about me,” the former Apprentice star told HipHollywood while at the Soul Train Awards, “I’m never going to be enslaved by what people think about me.”

And even though she’s received death threats over her support of Trump, she believes the work she is doing is helping the Black community, not hurting it. “What I realized by working so closely with him is how many Caucasians have no idea who we are, they don’t know about our culture because they haven’t been exposed to it. So we can just wag our finger at them and criticize them or we can teach them how to talk to us and how to appreciate our culture and how to approach us … we have to get out of our feelings. Somebody says something out of the side of their neck, you correct them and you keep pushing on.” Well, OK then!

Check out our full interview with Omarosa below, where she also gives an update on how Donald is doing following his security scare in Reno, NV.

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