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Now that the election is over, Omarosa can finally focus on her upcoming wedding!

Omarosa has spent most of this year campaigning hard for Donald Trump and unfortunately it worked. But, now that The Donald has been elected president, ‘Rosa can now re-shift her attention to her nuptials that are set to happen in just six months.

The former Apprentice star will marry John Allen Newman early next year, and although she hasn’t really been hands on with the planning, that doesn’t mean it isn’t getting done. “My fianc√© has chosen the reception venue, the cake, plus he’s a pastor and we’re doing it at his church, so he has all those resources,” Omarosa revealed to HipHollywood, “But, he’s so wonderful and I’m so happy and I’m so grateful.”

So, what has Omarosa done? “I haven’t done anything except for, and this is an exclusive, I did a show called Say Yes To The Dress. So I chose my dress, that’s it!” That’s right, Omarosa will be on the popular TLC show and the world will get to see her dress. No word on when it airs, but are you excited to see what Omarosa will be wearing when she walks down the aisle?

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