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After almost three years of doing dramatic films, Mo’Nique returns to her comedic roots in in the new holiday film Almost Christmas. But, don’t call it a comeback. According to the Academy Award-winning actress, this is just the right script at the right time.

“You know, this was me having a great time with some talented people,” she told HipHollywood exclusively. “And, you know, there was some of it that made sense for me to come back and do this film, and when you get the script and find out Danny Glover is the lead, it’s like, ‘Let’s go.’”

In the film, the Baltimore native is definitely the scene stealer, playing the hilarious Aunt Mae, and her co-stars told us they had a hard time keeping a straight face while filming.

“She does a different joke with every take, and she’s just so quick and witty” said Gabrielle Union. “When the camera wasn’t on us, we were just laughing and texting each other inappropriate jokes.”

“No, I didn’t keep a straight face, I couldn’t hold it in,” exclaimed Romany Malco. “At one point she was even feeding the kids one-liners; I was like, ‘Oh, my God.'”

But while the cast was marveling at Mo’Nique’s comedic genius, she told us she was having a hard time staying in character around her idol, Danny Glover.

Check out the full interview above. Almost Christmas hits theaters Nov 11.

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